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    Everybody loves animals, but sometimes wildlife control is necessary to make your home yours. Animals love to crawl into the empty spaces in your home, and can cause a whole host of problems.
    D&G Varmint Control Inc. provides an animal control service in Mabelvale, AR that efficiently and effectively removes the problem. We know you’ll appreciate snake removal when a viper has fled into your home for warmth.
    Whatever kind of animal control you need, D&G Varmint Control will take care of the problem safely and humanely. We have been in business a long time and can tell exactly what animals you’ve got and take care of it quickly.

Our Services

Wildlife Removal

Whether you have bats ruining your paint with their urine or opossums making noises in the night, sharing your home can be a huge headache. That’s why we take the wildlife outside where they belong. Animal control starts with D&G Varmint Control Inc.

Bee Removal

Enormous bee colonies can be dangerous, especially when they are sharing your house! If you have bees in your walls, D&G Varmint Control Inc. can remove them for you, letting you feel safe again.

Dead Animal Removal

If something has climbed into your crawl space and attic and died, the odor and decomposing body can cause problems. Dead animal removal is necessary to reclaiming your home’s sanitation.

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